How to get rid of google chrome icon on mac desktop

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How to Uninstall Chrome on Mac

Viewed 27k times. Now when I switch to Chrome on 1st of them, on 2nd it shows an icon looking like this in the dock: Sometimes it hides itself, and works that way only, not vice versa for opening Chrome on 2nd and seeing that notification on 1st. What is it made for and where can I find more info on it?

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How to Get the Chrome Icon for Google Chrome (with Pictures)

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You could have just edited user's answer since those instructions are exactly identical to how you got there. To fully get rid of Chrome you will need to uninstall it from the Applications folder but also delete all Chrome-related data including personal information, cookies, extensions, etc. So how to uninstall Chrome for Mac perfectly? Here we offer two approaches for your reference. You can choose the one you like to get started.

Delete Using Desktop Folder

Before uninstalling any app on OS X, you should always quite the application if it is running. Just right click on Chrome icon on the Dock, and choose Quit option. Then you can proceed with the normal uninstall. If you cannot move an app to the Trash or empty the Trash, try holding the Option key as you choose Empty Trash from the Finder menu, or reboot your Mac to try it again. This drag-to-delete method works in all versions of Mac OS X.

Most apps can be smoothly uninstalled in that way, but it is not applicable to built-in Mac apps. Any time you change your mind before emptying the Trash, you can restore the deleted files or apps by right-clicking on the item in the Trash and choosing the Put Back option.

How to Remove History Thumbnails from Chrome Homepage (Easy)

If you install Chrome through the App Store, and your system is OS X lion or later, you can take this approach to uninstall it. Once you click the X icon, the uninstallation will be handled immediately, and there is no need to empty the Trash afterwards. You may have noticed that some Mac apps come with their own dedicated uninstaller. Those apps either install additional software to provide extended functions, or place library files and associated application dependencies elsewhere in OS X. As Chrome has disappeared from the Applications folder, some Mac users may think the app has been completely removed from the whole system.

Follow the link to learn more about the uninstaller. You can see them in the Remains section.

How to add a Google Chrome shortcut icon to your desktop on a Mac or PC

Remains are the leftovers of the apps deleted, but not uninstalled completely. Get Chrome Uninstaller. Uninstall Google Chrome on M.